What Are the Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 2.9 million workplace injuries took place in private sector businesses in 2016. That’s almost three incidents for every 100 full time workers.

With all those employees getting hurt, it’s pretty evident that you don’t need to be coal miner or construction worker to have an injury on the job. Even an office has hazards that can cause injury or pain – heavy file boxes can fall on cubicle workers, and typing for eight hours a day can lead to repetitive stress injuries.

So according to federal statistics, what are the most common ways that workers get hurt on the job?

#1 — Overexertion and Other Exertions

It shouldn’t be a surprise that workers’ bodies moving in the wrong way is the leading cause of injury. The injuries in the overexertion category are caused by lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing objects. The Labor Department’s “other exertions” category covers injuries caused by actions that don’t necessarily involve trying to transport or move an object at work– bending, crawling, reaching, twisting, climbing, stepping, kneeling, sitting, standing or walking.

#2 — Falls

Falls include everything from slips and falls on ice, snow or slippery floors, to workers falling from heights or from one level of a worksite to another. In parts of the US, slips and falls related to cold weather make up a third of all workers comp claims.

#3 — Injuries Caused by Machinery and Other Objects

This category of injuries includes incidents involving:

  • Workers being struck by falling equipment or other objects.
  • Workers being caught up in or compressed by equipment or machinery.
  • Moving objects at the workplace colliding with workers.
  • Workers running into or somehow colliding with a stationary object.

These injuries can happen in both industrial and office environments.

#4 — Road and Vehicle Incidents

In any job that requires workers to use vehicles — or work around moving vehicles – there is a high risk of injury. Many of the injuries in this category consist of workers injured as pedestrians on job sites. Certain occupations are particularly prone to vehicle-related injuries:

  • Road and highway maintenance.
  • Truck drivers.
  • Supervisors of construction and mining workers.

#5 — Repetitive Motion

Hours of repetitive motion that strain and overuse part of a worker’s body — like typing or operating a single piece of machinery or equipment — can cause muscle and tendon injuries. This is another category of workplace injury that affects office workers as frequently as blue-collar laborers.

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