Construction’s “Fatal Four

Construction workers face the risk of injury and death every time they clock in, accounting for one out of every five work-related deaths in 2014. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the “Fatal Four,” or four most dangerous types of construction accidents, are as follows:

  1. Falls (39.9%) are by far the most common type of fatal accident on constructions sites. It’s not hard to see why, knowing that construction workers spend a lot of time on ladders, scaffolding, and roofs.
  2. Electrocutions (8.5%) occur far too often, even when precautions are taken. Work sites often have exposed wires and unfinished electrical systems as electricians and other contractors work side-by-side constructing buildings.
  3. Struck by object (8.4%) is exactly what it sounds like. With many people working on many projects simultaneously, it is certainly a danger.
  4. Caught in/between (1.4%) includes accidents like cave-ins, getting caught in machinery, and getting crushed between two objects.

OSHA, state and local governments, employers, unions, and other advocates have been working hard for years to improve worksite safety. Great strides have been made. There is still a long way to go. If you work in construction, make sure to follow all safety regulations and take any necessary precautions. If you feel you are being asked to do unsafe or illegal activities on a job site, contact our office. We may be able to help.