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  • The legal term “personal injury” means that someone has been harmed or injured either physically or psychologically because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. A personal injury can arise in a variety of circumstances, including a vehicle accident, a dangerous condition at a commercial or residential property, a defective product, a botched medical procedure, an accident on the job or an illness caused by unsafe working conditions.

    A personal injury that results in someone’s death is referred to by the legal term “wrongful death.”

    Not every personal injury can support a legal claim or case, however. You will need to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer — like the attorneys at Aversa & Linn — to determine whether you or a family member can seek compensation for the injury.

  • If you think you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence or you’ve been involved in an accident at work, you should contact a lawyer to evaluate your potential case as soon as possible.

    Laws known as “statutes of limitation” require an injured person to make a claim within a certain period of time after their injury takes place. If you don’t meet that deadline, you can never bring a claim or sue for the injuries from that incident.

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  • The lawyers at Aversa & Linn will speak to you for free about any injury suffered by you or a family member. This initial consultation can take place in person or by phone, depending on what’s more convenient for you. The firm’s lawyers will even meet with you in a hospital if your injury has taken place very recently.

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  • A lawyer from Aversa & Linn will ask you questions about your injuries and the facts and circumstances about how it happened. We want to hear your story so that we can evaluate whether:

    1.     You have a potential legal claim or case.

    2.     The firm wants to represent you in the claim or case.

    Usually the firm will be able to make a decision about representing you by the end of the initial meeting, but sometimes the lawyer who meets with you will need to discuss your case with other lawyers at the firm to decide whether to accept your case. The firm will call you with their decision promptly after your initial consultation.

  • If Aversa & Linn agrees to represent you in your case, we only charge a fee if we get you compensation for your injury — either by negotiating a monetary settlement with the defendants or by winning a verdict in court.

    Our fee — sometimes called a “contingent fee” — is a percentage of the total amount of the settlement or verdict we obtain for you. We pay all of the upfront costs and expenses associated with your case so that you never have to pay anything out of your own pocket. If, for some reason, we are unable to get you the compensation you need, you owe us nothing.

  • As a general rule, Aversa & Linn handles cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. That means the firm brings cases in the courts located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey either because the firm’s clients live in those states or the injuries being litigated took place in those states. If Aversa & Linn evaluates your case and determines that you need to bring suit in a state other than Pennsylvania or New Jersey, the firm will work in conjunction with another law firm located in the state where your case should be litigated.