Client Stories

Some of our satisfied clients describe in their own words how the Firm has helped them through difficult times.

  • Michelle is a phlebotomist who lives in West Philadelphia. She initially retained Aversa & Linn in 1997 after she was injured in a car accident and was recently a firm client in connection with a fall she suffered in an apartment building.

    “I can call Joe Aversa for anything and I’ve referred many friends, family, and co-workers to Joe over the years, including my mother and children. He will always be honest with you about whether it’s worth pursuing a claim. He doesn’t accept bad cases.”

    She likes that the firm makes things easy for clients.

    “When I had my accident, the other car pushed my car into a wall, the airbag engaged and my face was burned. I called Joe from the hospital and he got info from the witness immediately. I didn’t need to do anything but go to therapy and recover from my injuries. And the firm always checks in to see if you’re OK.”

    Michelle even called the firm after she was sued by a cyclist who collided with her car.

    “A woman on a 10-speed bike holding a beer bottle hit my car and she then sued ME! Joe got the police report and defended me in that case. I’ve never had a bad experience with the firm.”

  • The firm represented Crystal after she was seriously injured in a rear-end collision car accident.

    “I was 21 when Joe Aversa first represented me and I’m 54 now. Over the years I’ve used the firm for various things and probably recommended countless people to the firm. Some of my kids, nieces and nephews have been clients. Joe has always been a big part of our family.”

    She likes that the firm takes a real interest in its clients’ personal lives and their well-being.

    Joe is always so warm and nice when I deal with him and everyone I’ve referred to him has said the same thing. He calls you just to ask how you’re doing.”

    Like many other clients, she has called the firm when she needs help with legal matters.

    I can ask Joe about anything and he’ll help me. If he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll refer me to someone who does.

  • Val is a licensed practical nurse who lives in Philadelphia. She’s been a client of the firm is since 1998 when she sustained a work-related injury. Over the years the firm has assisted with her with other workers’ compensation and accident matters.

    Another lawyer referred me to Joe Aversa. Joe makes you feel like family. He gives you good advice and always tells you what to expect. I feel confident with him – he’s just a good lawyer. I’ve probably referred more than 20 people to Aversa & Linn over the years, including family members. They’ve all had good experiences. Everyone says ‘They go above and beyond.’

    She likes that she can call Joe about anything going on in her life and get advice.

    I had a real estate issue and Joe was happy to talk about it, but ultimately concluded that I needed someone with more expertise. He told me ‘Val, I can’t handle this for you, but I can find you someone who can’“.

  • Beverly lives in Philadelphia and has been a firm client since 1998 when she was seriously injured in a car accident. Nearly 15 years later she retained the firm again when she was injured in a car accident in Center City Philadelphia.

    “Dan Linn was my lawyer. Obviously, the firm is a business but they really care about their clients. They show love to their clients and make you feel welcome and respected.”

    She likes that the firm truly cares about its clients’ lives not just their cases.

    The lawyers are like family. Their attitude is ‘You don’t have to do anything for your case right now, we just want you to get better.’

    Beverly has referred many friends and co-workers to the firm over the years and they’ve all been satisfied with the service they received.

    Even the people I recommended to the firm have decided to use them again if they have a legal matter years later. They all say to me ‘those guys are awesome.‘”

    She also likes that she can call the firm’s lawyers about non-legal issues and get recommendations for other professionals.

    Anytime you need help for something in your life, you can call Aversa & Linn and they will recommend people to you who are just as good as they are. Even when they settle your case, they say to you ‘Don’t blow this money – you need advice on investing’ and they refer you to a financial advisor.

  • George and Nancy live in Southern New Jersey and sustained serious leg injuries in 2013 when another driver ignored a stop sign and collided with the side of their car.

    Nancy remembers the aftermath of an accident as being scary and frustrating.

    “You’re recovering from injuries, you can’t work, the doctor bills aren’t being paid because the insurance companies are unresponsive, and bill collectors start calling. Even though we’re from South Jersey, a friend referred us to Joe Aversa in Center City Philadelphia. Once we called Joe everything was easy. We could send him a mess of papers and he would take care of it. The entire office was just wonderful with us. They got our bills paid and compensation so that we could get our lives back on track.”

    She likes that Joe Aversa is experienced but also easy to talk to:

    He’s very professional but so down to earth. I never once didn’t enjoy going to the office. The first time we met him, we thought ‘This is the guy.’ We just wanted our bills paid and they got it done. The process was never stressful because we knew they had it handled. We couldn’t be happier.

  • Missy is a Philadelphia native who has been an Aversa & Linn client since 2003. She initially retained the firm for workers’ compensation matters but she recently needed help with a case arising from a car accident that resulted in serious injuries.

    “Someone I worked with recommended the firm. They have always been very attentive and I like that they stay personally involved in your case. Joe calls you himself  he doesn’t have a staff person do it. Dan is the same way and I like that. I want to deal directly with whomever is actually handling my matter.”

    The family members and others that she’s referred to the firm have also been thrilled with how their matters were handled.

    Joe and Dan know me and they know my family. I’ve referred them to my kids, my son-in-law and some co-workers. I consider Joe and Dan to be our family lawyers.

  • Tom is a Delaware County resident who currently works as a delivery driver. He has been a firm client since 1999 when he was the victim of a serious auto accident. Over the years Tom has relied upon the firm for his legal needs and has referred his family and friends for representation.

    “It’s all about family with them. You just feel like they’re handling things  you’re always worrying about running a family and paying your bills but they’ve got the legal stuff covered. Their attitude is ‘Don’t worry about it  we’ll get you what you’re entitled.’ I never feel shortchanged by them, or put on the back burner.”

    Joe Aversa handled my auto accident case and I’ve referred many people to him. They have always been satisfied and have thanked me for helping make the connection. Dan handled a workers’ comp claim for me, and he’s just as fantastic.

    Tom likes the way the firm makes a real effort to communicate and connect with its clients:

    They’re so prompt with everything. If I don’t reach the lawyers, I can always talk to one of the staff. They make phone calls just to check in, and they send Christmas cards and birthday cards. They even remember my grandchildren’s birthdays.